{10.12.14} And the summer adventure begins!

Today, I leave to go south to an island called Chiloé. After briefly passing back through Santiago and Valparaíso, I’ll be off to Bolivia and Brazil. Then Patagonia and then classes start again. You probably won’t be hearing too much from me, but I’ll try and put pics up now and then and let you in on the secrets to minimalist computer-less budget travel in Chile. We’ll see how this goes. In typical chilean style, I am shipping off with very little preparation (in terms of itinerary). Haven’t even booked my hostal yet for tomorrow night (tonight will be the 14-hour stint in bus). My host parents have assured me that this is the best way to do things, and I am taking their word for it.

I’m still a to-do list person, but summer requires a different kind:

So here’s to setting out into the wild blue yonder, no plans, meeting friends and summer.

That’s all my stuff for the next 2.5 weeks. We’ll see how this goes! 


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  1. Soren Hauge says:

    Happy travelling! I hope that winging it gives you wings, not weighed down by detailed plans.


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