my uterus is not a biohazard

My uterus is not a biohazard //OR// Why I am going to get birth control wearing a red supersuit flaunting a red period blood smudge. 

The blood that pours, trickles, gushes and drips from my uterus is considered a biohazard. You know, the kind that they put in those sterile red plastic containers with the red cutting scythe logo. That one — grim reaper come for my lifeblood. 

My uterus births a biohazard every. single. month. (except maybe not now, because remember, I am getting birth control) 

My uterus could also grow a baby. Babies are very large biohazards, or rather, psychohazards: potential emotional danger zones for any man who dares perform desire with my body and fears consequences.

That is a heavy load to carry, my friends. It is weary-making to carry biohazard around with you everywhere: to the supermarket, to work, upstairs to bed every night. 

I wanted this to be a rant about how men give up on birth control when it has unpleasant side effects… the same ones women suffer through anyways because they have no choice if they want to avoid biohazard babies growing in their bodies.

I don’t actually think babies are biohazards. Or psychohazards, really. I mean, for some people, but I don’t feel that way. One day, I want one. It will be the greatest gift from Love and me to me and Love.

I am just angry. I am angry because I am sad. I am sad because I am tired. I am tired because I just want some-man to read “miracle” out of my stains and smudges, and no-man has been able to do that yet and writing all these blog posts reaffirming reaffirming reaffirming the validity of my body is a lot of work and sometimes I’d rather be writing about something else.


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  1. Soren Hauge says:

    I’m grateful for mom having carried the load that became you, and the load of the cycles that came before you. May you find someone ready for the miracle.

    On a separate track, you may find offers an interesting perspective.


  2. mos-health says:

    Savannah Rose, your rant on the biohazard of your uterus and your blood and babies saddens me. I don’t know the men you know and have known. I don’t doubt that some are ignorant and afraid and in those states, unable to appreciate the beauty of you and of womanhood and of children, too. But not all men are like that. I am not like that. I have never been afraid or troubled or grossed out or even bothered by blood, other than my own, on a few occasions when my blood spilled out of me with pain. Blood is life. It is a gift, whether from monthly menstrual flow or bi-monthly needles for giving it away. Blood is precious and a reminder of how precious are the bodies that produce it, for whatever reason. You are precious. Your body and all its workings are precious, as are all women — and all men, for that matter. As you know, we Friends believe that there is that of God in everyone; and I would add, there is holiness and beauty in every part of us, even those parts of those persons whose actions defile beauty with destruction. To me, that is the miracle, that nothing one may do can totally obscure the Light.

    May the New Year upon us bring you more Light and Joy and Peace.

    May the New Year bring more men and women into your life who love you.


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