Iyengar Level I, with Kris Manjapra

I stand making metaphorically-motivated micro-adjustments at the top of my mat
Twitching and swaying, slightly, into heavier alignment
Kris says when you feel the plumb line of your vertebrae perfectly stacking,
Your body feels a sigh

Today, my body sighed, slightly
Even though I had eaten a lot of chocolate because I had forgotten to nourish myself on my own words
Even though the cheap chocolate’s sugar made me want to smash through some sun salutations
And so outrun the tiny running thing that sprints me sometimes clear through exhaustion into destruction

But, instead of pounding vinyasas out of a body already staticky from lack of sleep
I stand there, scooping scapulae, spreading clavicle, grasping plumb line to hold steady

I stand there and smile slightly as Kris, returning us to mountain, reminds us that
Everything that just occurred did not happen this moment
It is now forever back then

My plumb line shimmies a giggle, and I wonder
How different life would be if I remembered more often that my past is not still happening now

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Soren Hauge says:

    Beautiful alignment of words with vertebrae. Sigh, giggle, smile 🙂


  2. The Smiling Pilgrim says:



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