: : why i write

I started this blog to keep F/friends and family up-to-date on my adventures in El Salvador teaching English in two Quaker schools there. Then I went to Valparaíso, Chile to study abroad for a year and realized that I still wanted to process everything from culture clashes to linguistic struggles to breathtaking vistas to those little moments when I remember how alive I am and how amazing the world is. Then I returned to an East-coast historically-women’s-college for good ‘ol Senior Year. Now I’m in Boston doing a funny little program called Life Together that’s feeding my need for contemplative practice, community and prepping me for a life of radical Jesus-rooted action. Or something. I’m only a few months in.

You could say this blog is a public quest of self-discovery, interspersed with observations about cultural friction, occasional pictures of flowers, the now-and-again freak out and updates about the things I’m actually doing. There’s lots of angry feminism, too.

Consider this your official welcome to the Savannah brain s(p/t)ew! To follow, scroll down and follow through WordPress (the button) or your plain old email, as you wish.

What are your thoughts?

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